Wedding videography FAQ's

what are your prices and packages?

Our Packages begin as a base and are built upon with Add Ons. No two weddings are the same, so we want your videography experience to be completely customizable! Elopements begin at $1500 and Classic Wedding coverage begins at $2000. Contact us to see all our options! 

What is your payment plan?

To reserve your date, I require a 50% deposit.  The remainder of your package price will be due no later than one week before your wedding day.

How can I pay?

I have accounts with various secure online payment services, including Stripe, Venmo and SquareCash. I also accept checks by mail, or if you are local, I would love to meet up with you to put a face to all the emails and to chat before the wedding day! 

How soon will i receive my wedding films?

A Teaser will be delivered within two weeks, and Highlight Films + Add Ons will be delivered within 3 months! Depending on the wedding season, the delivery could be as soon as 6 weeks! A Documentary Film can take up to 6 months, and will generally be delivered after your Highlight Film. This is due to the length of the video and the amount of footage that needs to be organized and compiled and colored to perfection so that you can enjoy a perfect final product for many years to come.

What is a teaser?

A Teaser is a little something to hold you over until the final product is finished. It's about 1-2 minutes worth of footage edited to music, and possibly ceremony audio. Some couples really want to ride off the momentum and joy of their wedding day by sharing it as soon as possible with friends and family, and a teaser is a great, time-sensitive way to do just that! You can see an example here.

what is a full capture?

A Full Capture is a minimally edited documentation of a moment, like the ceremony or toasts. There is no music, just the audio from the moment itself. There may be cutting between two cameras, or just one shot for the duration of the moment. Here is an example

How do you record audio?

I use two lavalier microphones attached to the groom and the officiant. They are very discrete and fit perfectly inside a suit pocket. They are strong enough to pick up the brides voice as well, which is very important for capturing the vows!  If there is a sound system available, I usually plug into that as well to get the cleanest audio of the music. I can record many things at once with my equipment!

Where are you based out of? Do you Travel?

I am based out of Austin, Texas but am available to travel anywhere! For locations in Texas that are 50 miles outside of Austin, there is a travel fee based on mileage (55 cents per mile). For Destination Weddings and Elopements within the continental U.S., a custom package can be created! 

Can we suggest a specific song or type of music for our highlight film?

Absolutely! I'd love to hear what some of your favorite artists/songs are! If the song you are requesting just isn't going to flow well, I will be honest with you about it. But I work very hard to find music by the same or a similar artist, and always take into consideration the musical taste of my clients! There are many videos I have made where I use the song the bride walked down the aisle to or the first dance song in the video.  
I use mainstream music or browse for songs on 

Do all your final films turn out the same?

The short answer is no, but this is not a bad thing! My goal is to create a video that authentically and beautifully represents the couple and their wedding day. I take into consideration every detail of the day from the venue, to the flowers, to the music choices and try to capture all those vibes in your Highlight Film. No two weddings or couple are the same, so each video should be as unique as possible!
What I never compromise on is excellent coverage and hard work. I show up fired up and don't stop until you make your grand exit. I make sure to be in the right place at the right time and have a questionnaire for every client to fill out to ensure we are on the same page and get the best capture possible! 

what is included in a usb add-on?

I offer two types of USBs. The Simple USB for $30 contains any edited material included in your package. So this can be the Highlight Film, Full Ceremony Capture, and any Add-Ons such as the First Look Capture or Toasts Capture. The Raw Footage USB for $80 contains all your edited material as well as all the clips from the day. The Raw Footage is nice to have, but I will mention that I watch EVERY second of footage when I make the Highlight Film and I use the very best and most precious parts from all the footage. You’ll find in the raw footage that it’s a lot of me setting up my shot (framing, focusing, etc.) and the Highlight Film has all the best bits. The Raw Footage is valuable if you’d like to watch back moments with the original audio and see it all kinda like home video.  The footage will be organized to make viewing easier. Both USBs are 16 GB brown walnut wood and come in a small, padded box for safe keeping! 

what is included in the rehearsal dinner capture?

The Rehearsal Dinner Capture is three hours of coverage at your dinner with family and friends. It includes a 1-2 minute edited Highlight Film and a Full Capture of Toasts. You can see an example of both here and here!

What is a Documentary Film?

The Documentary Film is kinda like those fun, homemade camcorder movies your parents would make but done in 2018 style!  It shows the day from start to finish in a linear fashion using clips from the highlight as well as more raw, unpolished moments AND includes Full Captures of the ceremony, special dances, toasts, bouquet toss, garter flinging, cake smashing and some extended shots of your family & friends rad dance moves. This video is somewhere around 30 - 90 minutes, so get some candy and snacks and make it a movie night! 

how would you describe your video style?

One of my favorite life mottos is 'authenticity trumps cool every time' and that is exactly how I see my work. I want to make videos that last, not hindered by fads. I strive to make each video as personable and real as possible. Whoever the couple and whatever the wedding, I want people to watch my videos and see purpose and heart above all else. 

how do you work with photographers?

I love to work with photographers! I understand that every photographer is hired to get excellent coverage just as I am. When I show up for a wedding, I immediately introduce myself and establish mutual respect and a teamwork mentality with all vendors involved! If I have the chance to get in touch with your hired photographer before the day of the wedding, I am always happy to do so. I don't do a lot of posing, as the photographers usually know what kind of shots they want to get and will do that for me. I communicate with them for the most part if I want to grab something specific, and work as quickly as possible to ensure the timeline is stuck to. All in all, I work to be as non-invasive and team-oriented as possible on the day of the wedding.