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A lot of time, money and heart goes into each wedding day. Between the anxious excitement and fun with family and friends, so many moments happen in the blink of an eye. Our Wedding Films capture the day from getting ready to exit, and all the smiles and tears in between, so that you and your loved ones can relive and enjoy your big day for years to come. Click here to see some FAQ's!


Wedding days are splendid, but we know there is more to love than just one day! There is a history between each couple. A "how we met," "our first kiss" and a "she said yes!" We would love to recreate some of those moments in time with you, and maybe even capture him popping the question on camera. We all love to look at engagement photos, why not a video as well! See an example here!

non-profit promotionals

When you do impactful and meaningful work, you need effective ways to communicate the heart behind your efforts! Video is a wonderful outlet to share why you do what you do, and some of the people who have been impacted by it. We love to serve others and would be honored to serve your non-profit organization or ministry! See an example here

home videos

Often it's the every day moments that remind you what life is all about. Your baby's first steps, your teenager's first day at college, fiftieth wedding anniversaries, sixteenth birthdays, or just average days all deserve beautiful documentation to look back on and remember the goodness we have! See an example here and here!

business promotional

Austin is built on local business, where creativity and a do-it-yourself attitude thrive. We love to link arms with local businesses to share their product, heart, and mission through Video Promotion. From brainstorming to the final edit, we want you to be involved, and will deliver a video you are proud to share on your website, Facebook, Instagram, and beyond! See an example here!


One of the most impactful forms of communication is a personal story. Some are filled with pain and triumph, others are just a glimpse into a persons world, but all are valuable and should be held with revere and honor.  We hope to have the privilege of sharing your story with the world! 

music Videos

Music tells a story all it's own, and with visuals to back it up, the emotion and impact for the listener can only get better. We love to get to know musical artists, what the meaning behind the melody is, and collaborating to create a Music Video experience that will keep the fans in touch with the music. 

Sharayah was absolutely incredible! She went above and beyond to produce a stunning video of our wedding and included every deatil we asked for. Beautiful artistry!
— Chance + Lizzy, Wedding Clients